IHRA definition and examples of antisemitism

To understand the IHRA definition and examples of antisemitism, we recommend the following.

  1. The document was not intended to be the basis of legislation, and its use has the effect of regulating valid political speech.
  • The author of the IHRA definition writes:  “I drafted the definition of antisemitism. Rightwing Jews are weaponizing it.” Law Review:

2 Submission by the author of the document to the American Congress:

  •  The effect of alleging antisemitism too broadly is to target the innocent and undermine the real need to combat this hatred and the set of hates that are rising together in our time.  Consider these alternative Jewish voices on the issue:
  • “Some 300 Jewish studies scholars  from across the political spectrum signed a new petition in support of Peter Schaefer, who stepped down as director of the Berlin Jewish Museum following a tweet perceived by critics as supporting the boycott Israel movement.”  See also the petition by Talmudic scholars, halfway through this article:
  • Jewish Voice for Peace has produced a book-length series of essays on BDS, antisemitism and solidarity:
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