We are a collective of Wellington and Auckland Jews whose views are not represented in the current public discourse on Jewish affairs.

The purpose of our collective is to publicly air  Jewish voices and views on issues that are important to Jews. 

There are many ways to be a Jew in New Zealand today. We live our Jewish identities differently, but we have a few core principles in common. 

We are not Zionists. 

We stand up to racism, and we distinguish between anti-Semitism and valid protest against Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  Some of us protest by joining organisations that boycott Israel.

Beyond those principles, we are drawn to different aspects of Judaism. 

We have come together to demonstrate our breadth, host discussion, and speak out about important issues.  We are expressing only personal (and, on occasion, our shared) points of view here. We represent no one else.

Alternative Jewish Voices is a conversation.  Please join the conversation.

facebook:  Sh’ma Koleinu – Alternative Jewish Voices

twitter:  Alternative Jewish Voices NZ  @JewishNZ