Time to find out what happens when we speak about Palestine in Aotearoa

What happens when you speak about Palestinian rights in Aotearoa?

In our conversations with government, media and others we work around the lack of reporting on the lived experience of advocating for Palestinian equality—whether in our own public space or in Palestine.

There have been two recent studies of antisemitism in New Zealand. Both carefully avoided the issue of anti-Zionist ‘antisemitism’—the accusation that Palestinian identity or advocacy is necessarily anti-Jewish. Enabled by the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, these accusations aim to silence political speech by blurring it into contemptible racism and threat.

Today Alternative Jewish Voices and Justice for Palestine jointly launch a survey of the experience of Palestinian speech or advocacy. Have you been accused of anti-Zionist ‘antisemitism’? If you are Jewish or Palestinian, has your identity been denigrated or denied because of your speech? If you are a public figure or a human rights activist, have you been branded an ‘antisemite’? Have you witnessed these accusations targeting others?

This survey is open to any New Zealander who has experienced or witnessed this phenomenon. Please take the time to respond. We will present some of the stories during January. Perhaps this compilation will also lead to more systematic study.

The survey will be open through December. We do require your name and email to validate responses, but we will not identify any respondent by name.

Survey: What happens when you speak about Palestine in Aotearoa?

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Justice for Palestine or Shma.koleinu.nz@gmail.com

Sh’ma Koleinu – Alternative Jewish Voices of Aotearoa

2 thoughts on “Time to find out what happens when we speak about Palestine in Aotearoa”

    1. There are many forms of anti-zionism. Some are anti- semitic. If you define what exactly do you mean by anti-Zionsm, perhaps there will be an answer to your douvt.


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